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Sorry, Mario

My love life looks more like a Mario Bros game. The first, really old, 8-bit one.

You’re always on the run. A bit sideways. Avoiding obstacles, making stunts. Sometimes you die. Enemies fuck you. In many other moments you’re just happy to be there. Of having managed to do something. Reach that yellow flower that was hiding up in the sky.

Sometimes you feel you’re invincible, that nothing can stop you. There are moments you can actually fly. Other times that you start shooting like a crazy maniac. You may even get a mushroom and GROW!!!

Things can get very nasty. Dark rooms, ghosts, you get angry, you stomp at your enemies.

And in the end, when you think you’ve made it, after all the trouble, after facing giant dragons, comes a fat shorty with a strange hat and tells you:
“Sorry, Mario, but your princess is in another castle…”

You know why I’m writing this in english.

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2 opiniões sobre “Sorry, Mario

  1. Luigi :) em disse:

    You have no reasons to complain. Imagine you have to pass through all that shit and, still, you`re number 2.

  2. G em disse:

    O Escafandrista é o maximo
    gostaria de conhecer alguns dos seus trabalhos

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